Nature of the Soul - Teacher Training 1

After completion of the Nature of the Soul (NOS) training, there are two levels of Advanced Training available. These provide Teacher Training for those of you called to serve humanity and the planet as both move towards their next levels of initiation. They also provide extended learning for those who are enjoying the learning of the wisdom and techniques provided. This training is not taught from a published book, nor is the material available to the public from anyone who did not actually participate in the original delivery of the Thoughtform Presentation of the Wisdom back in the 1960s, or from their students.

The NOS training continues the disciple's initiation process with the addition of many more techniques for service and support. Whether students intend to teach or not, this training takes them to their higher paths into the future. Instruction comes from several different Masters. In addition to M, DK, and R, you receive instruction from KH, who worked with Blavatsky herself, and Master John, who was incarnate in physical dense in the 1970s. There is even a visit from the Master Jesus, short, but sweet. All lessons now include interactions with the actual students in the original training, their answers and questions, as well as the responses of the Masters. This reveals insights on a much more human level as we see these students are just as determined to figure this out as we are, while faking it till they make it. Their questions to the Masters give us some great leaps forward in our understanding and integration of the learning.

This training too includes supplementary enrichment ot help you the disciple grasp the many layers of growth through which you have already lived, as well as providing techniques to help yourself as you expand into your next level of the Wisdom.

Explore these and other subjects in Level 1:

  • Group Consciousness
  • Soul Infusion
  • Building of Persona Relationships
  • Subconscious Life
  • The Five-Pointed Star
  • Reincarnation
  • The Hierarchy Externalization
  • Conflict - Saving Face
  • Recapitulation of the Ashramic Position
  • Dealing with Dangers beyond the Mental Periphery
  • Finances
  • TheTure Light Body
  • The Death Process
  • Devas
  • Glamour Clean-up
  • Protection


All classes are recorded each week. Tuition is $60/month. There are no contracts, no penalities for withdrawal. Stay only as long as you feel you are benefitting from the learning.




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