The Mysteries Revealed

Have you always been curious about the occult? Do you have a reputation for asking the hard questions? Are you the who is connecting the dots while everyone else is asking, "Huh?"

Let's have lunch together at noon (Central) on Fridays. It doesn't matter whether you are at your desk, in a cafe, or picnicking in the park, as long as you've got a digital device. We will explore the hidden mysteries of all the ages, looking at both sides - science and theology - and deciding for yourself about how the Truth balances between the dualities of Science and Theology, the Cosmogenesis and the Anthropogenesis, and the past and the future.

We are currently reading Zecharia Sitchin's When Time Began, the 5th book of his Earth Chronicles. It isn't necessary to have read any of the previous works, so just know you are welcome to jump right in and join the fun! You just need a copy of the book. Once you register, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group where you will find photos of images sketched in the book and links to videos exploring the places we will be visiting.

Each week's discussion will be video recorded and sent to you for review or in case you have to miss a session. 

This workshop will be ongoing. It is not necessary to begin at the beginning, so feel free to join in at any time. We are happy to welcome newcomers as they become aware of the learning opportunity. Previous recordings will be available for subscribers who wish to hear about topics they have missed.

Tuition is $60/month and includes the weekly meetings and all the enrichment research provided to you on our private Facebook page. 







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