The Nature of the Soul

This fascinating training is vastly comprehensive in its scope of the mysteries and is rarely available. Throughout all time, every culture has had its own mystery schools and sacred traditions. Those trained with such information experience an evolutionary transformation within that enables them to become a conscious co-creator within the world, realizing their humanity and divinity combined, altering their physical nervous system and brain to facilitate greater levels of perception and creativity of the indwelling consciousness within the realm of matter. 

The Nature of the Soul provides a step-by-step experience in the art and science of meditation, resulting in a bonding or divine marriage between the overshadowing Soul and the indwelling personality, so that spiritual service may be provided to the world. Along with extensive and sequential meditation techniques and practices, we also explore esoteric anatomy, the subtle body and its energy centers or chakras, planetary history, the evolution of humanity, mystic Christianity, the transmutation of negative thoughts, feelings, and actions into positive expressions, and the process of Conscious Creativity. All these studies prepare the student for their service to humanity. Those who complete the training experience a metamorphosis that brings a richness unachievable on an individual basis. 

This class is presented live and online via Zoom on Mondays, 7:30-9PM Central. All materials are provided as PDFs. All lessons are video recorded in case you need to miss a class or want to review one. Tuition is $60/month. While this class lasts over two years, there are no contracts. You are invited to withdraw without penalty at any time you feel you are no longer benefiting from what you are learning.

The next session begins November 6, 2023. 




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