Group Coaching

There are more people on the planet than ever before.

Life is full of constantly shifting technology that impacts your relationships and quality of life.

Time is moving in a blur.

In this Age of Mind, it is wise to have mentorship…a guide…a coach.

Having a group of like-minded folks to share with can provide a much needed pressure-release valve and some uncommon advice you can take with you. You are fully capable of achieving your goals, you just haven't figured out how to match up to them yet. You are creative, resourceful, adaptive, and whole in and of yourself. You have the ability to change your thinking, your belief systems, and your behaviors in pursuing growth.

Investing in coaching has many benefits, some of the most common of which are…

  • A stronger sense of identity and purpose
  • A strengthened sense that your are living the life you have dreamed of
  • Enhanced mental health and an increased quality of life
  • The achievement of wide-ranging goals, such as break throughs in your career, expanding your social life, finding love, and/or improving your health
  • Positive change in behavior and beliefs that improve your self-confidence, self-acceptance, and insight
  • Greater well-being, increased hope, and decreased stress


Sign up now for your very own Power Hour and join a community of like-minded friends who are headed in the same direction. Group coaching is available on the first Monday of each month, from Noon to 1PM Central. You will enjoy live meetings with me and the others in the group for Q&A, sharing of experiences, and encouragement. During the month, you will also receive encouraging and empowering videos, articles, affirmations, and other goodies specifically designed to inspire and motivate you in alignment with our monthly objectives to spiral you up on the path towards your goals. All sessions are video recorded for your convenience - whether you need to miss a session or just want to review what was said. Register fo the KeyRing Group Coaching today!




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