Intution: The Soul's Silent Voice

It is the dharma – the duty – of those involved in esoteric ork to develop their intuition. This is done through the study of symbols, as well as the implementation of techniques and the daily practice of meditation. 


This class will go through the Alice Bailey book Glamour: A World Problem in a group dynamic to define the intution, develop the intuition through the study of symbology, and receive specific instructions for techniques to help alleviate glamour, maya, and illusion from the world. 


Intuition is the synthetic understanding which is the prerogative of the soul and it only becomes possible when the soul, on its own level, is simultaneously reaching up to the Monad and down to the personality. This soul connection provides a comprehensive grip on the principle of universality, known as Universal Love. It is then that true compassion is known; then that criticism becomes impossible; and then is the divine spark seen in all forms.


Intentional development of the intuition brings three qualities of Universal Oneness:

  1. Illumination - the light of the intellect; that which irradiates the Way
  2. Understanding - instantaneous and spontaneous knowing; involves an increased ability to simultaneously love all beings and maintain detachment
  3. Love - produces immediate identification with that which is loved; the synthetic, inclusive grasp of the life and needs of all beings


The study of symbols will produce three effects:

  1. It trains in the power to penetrate behind the form and to arrive at the subjective reality
  2. It tends to bring about a close integration between soul-mind-brain, supporting the inflow of intuition, rapidly resulting in illumination and truth
  3. It awakens the head center, the highest vibrating energy center of the human form

This class will be presented live and online via Zoom on Tuesdays, 7:30-9PM Central.  Students will be provided with PDFs of the chapters as we go through them or they can purchase the book themselves, as well as videos of each lesson in case they have to miss one or want to review. Tuition is $60/month. This is the premier of the Intuition training, but I project it will take 5-6 months.


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