Esoteric Workshops

People have hidden knowledge since the beginning of humanity. The thing about esoteric knowledge is that those who have it can choose to use it to help or to harm others. This is true whether the information is top secret government information or about the power of intention. 


When I decided I would share the wisdom with all who seek answers, I realized that I, like so many before me, could be destroyed for revealing the hidden knowledge. It is my destiny to stand with the World Teaching Group as a custodian of the wisdom. Wisdom is any information that improves your quality of life. In this Age of Mind, those who thrive will be those who think for themselves, are able to see multiple layers of meaning, and who can learn new information and integrate it into their lives to support themselves, their families, and their goals.


These previously presented workshops are provided for those who seek answers. Choose between Feng Shui Workshops — these provide information about adjusting your environment to support a higher quality of life; and Practical Magic Workshops — these provide information about adjusting your mind to support a higher quality of life.


You are invited to order up any of this wisdom as wisdom you seek. In each category, you will find years of workshops which were provided monthly. When you purchase a workshop, you receive the original materials, the Bonus Goodies, and the associated media, if I remembered to record it, whether audio or video. 






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