Holistic Life Coaching

This is my specialty. I hand you the key to open the door to your bright future. Are you ready?


I blend all of my decades of study and teaching to encourage, empower, and enlighten you so that you can use all your skill sets to thrive. We will honor all the facets of you: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual to support you as you restore your whole being to a higher quality of life.


You and I will work together in one-on-one virtual visits using all the technology we have at our disposal, be that just by phone, or adding FaceTime or Zoom. Depending on the speed at which you intend to spiral up, we can schedule meetings for once a week or more, as needed. 


We will focus on the challenges you face and the solutions you need, freeing you to make every step count as you climb towards your goal. Challenges are usually a mix of personal, career, and private issues that scream THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT, but we will stay focused on your ultimate goal – your vision beyond, not the current problem. You'll be amazed at how quickly the problem is diffused and you are back on track. It is like being given a bucket of relief!


The fee for this level of coaching is only $100/hour, payable via PayPal or Zelle at the time of service or, if you prefer to pay monthly, in advance.


Call 713-952-5429 to schedule your personal coaching session and turn your attention over the arc of the current challenge and back to your goal, unlocking the future you intend to create.


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