Since 2014, I have created and presented original and unique Practical Magic workshops every month of every year. In 2019, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the publication of my book, Feng Shui & Moon Magic, I created BOTH a Feng Shui Workshop and a Practical Magic Workshop each month. You can order that book from the BOOKSTORE tab at the top of every page of my website.


This continued creative effort has produced quite a legacy of learning that is available to you, with each workshop including the PDFs of materials and Bonus Goodies, as well as an audio recording sor workshops presented in 2016, and later, video recordings. 

Each of the images below presents a slide show of all the workshops available from each year. You will see the titles, dates, and what is included beneath each month's cover in the silvery bar at the bottom of the image.  The collection is divided into years so that I know where to look to find you the materials you order.  Look closely and you'll see a right arrow and left arrow on each screen to indicate that there are other images in the slideshows. Please submit your request with the year and title of the workshop you are ordering. Each single workshop, its materials, and its media (if it has media), is $10. Get three workshops for $25.

Practical Magic Workshops Legacy

Beginning Zodiac Workshops

Register here for the Beginning Zodiac Workshops of  2024 in which you will learn the secrets of each astrological sign, as well as how to recognize them, how to work with them, and even how to love them. 


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