A HOW TO for Blending Natural Earth and Lunar Energies to Promote Success and Well-Being in All Areas of Your Life

In 2019, to celebrate the ten years since the original publication of Feng Shui & Moon Magic, I created a dozen brand new Feng Shui workshops and a dozen Practical Magic Workshops for each of the Druid Tree Moons, blending each month’s energies and exploring how they could enhance the support and comfort of Feng Shui while sparkling the Moon’s celestial magic.

The Feng Shui & Moon Magic Handbook delivers an entire year of studying Feng Shui and Moon Magic with me so you can have adventures all on your own! If you’d rather do this with me, all the workshops were audio recorded and those are available too! All the materials from the Please order this and all my books directly from me from now on. I am happy to dedicate books on request at no charge. You will see how when you place your order.

The Feng Shui & Moon Magic Handbook includes new activities, exercises, spells, and witchy crafting activities, for each lunation:
• Birch Moon of Beginnings & Possibilities
• Rowan Moon of Vision & Astral Travel
• Ash Moon of Romance & Storms
• Alder Moon of Personal Empowerment
• Willow Moon of Passion & Romance
• Hawthorn Moon of Disenchantment & Gates
• Oak Moon of Security & Protection
• Holly Moon of Turning Life Around
• Hazel Moon of Wisdom & Growing
• Vine Moon of Personal Power
• Reed Moon of Health, Home & Hearth
• Elder Moon of Completion & Rebirth

Feng Shui & Moon Magic Handbook
USD $ 36.00

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