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Feng Shui & Moon Magic: A Guide to Blending Natural Earth and Lunar Energies to Promote Success and Well-Being in All Areas of Your Life

Make every day magical and meaningful with this month-by-month guide to discover how connected you truly are to the Earth as you align with the magnetic influences of the Moon.

Each chapter includes:

  • Lore and legends about each moon cycle
  • Feng shui check lists and suggests
  • Scents, sounds, and colors of the lunation
  • Magical spells to stir up some delight in your life
  • Treasure trove of titillating and tempting activities
  • …and much more!

Take yourself and your entire family into the spirit of each Moon's energy and live in the rich magic of meaning. So much information is included that readers say they find new ideas every year!

Feng Shui & Moon Magic: Guide to Blending Natural Earth and Lunar Energies
USD $ 25.00

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