This textbook is written to accompany the online workshop by the same name, Sacred Geometry & Geomancy. The information provided here is supplemented during the live training with information that is not included on these pages.

The Mysteries have been hidden throughout the ages right in front of your eyes. They are shining forth into your conscious awareness when you see a star-shape, a pair of flags in a courtroom, or even a two-tailed mermaid on your Starbuck's cup. Your subconscious mind knows much more about the Mysteries than your conscious mind.

Now you can remember and restore your knowing of the Mysteries and use them every day in your life to infuse the magic of the support of the Universe. Your choices will be guided by Wisdom instead of whimsy, and your life will tune into communication with the Divine.

When you live in constant communion with the harmony of the Spheres, your life moves to the highest frequency possible. You will experience constant communication with the Divine. How do you know it's Divine? It won't argue with you.

Build your living temple into a room in your new home, in your spare room, or in your back yard. Step into your space and feel yourself return to whole. Life becomes as meaningful as you make it by your understanding and use of the wisdom of the Mysteries.

Download a full syllabus at This training will be provided online over 3 consecutive Saturdays in 3-hour workshops, 1-4PM Central. If you prefer not to have the book preprinted and bound, all materials are delivered as PDF files; all sessions are video recorded in case you need to miss one or want to review it. Students are invited to a private Facebook group for sharing with each other and on-going instructional information.

This workshop series is valid for 9 AIA Health/Safety/Welfare Learning Units.

Sacred Geometry & Geomancy: Designing Living Temples
USD $ 75.00

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