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The Professional Difference

As a Red Ribbon Professional and Director of my Professional Feng Shui Training School, I abide by this International Feng Shui Guild Code of Ethics:

School Director responsibilities to the Public, to students, and to each other are as follows:

Education Guidelines

  • All Directors and Educators shall act in the best interest of their students to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • The professional manner of all Directors and Educators towards students should be positive, supportive, and competent, without making unsustainable promises about the outcome of training.
  • Training and class work should not be given with the intent of taking advantage of the student and/or their perceived economic worth.
  • All Directors and Educators should never instill fear or put pressure on students, their family or staff by arousing unsubstantiated fear or anxiety for their health or well-being.
  • All Directors and Educators should not exploit vulnerability or ignorance or abuse trust.
  • All Directors and Educators shall hold all information provided by the student as private and confidential and not disclose any information or photographs about the student, their family or project, without express prior consent of the student.


Education and Training

All Directors and Educators are expected to expand their knowledge and skills through continuing education as part of their professional growth, and are encouraged to support the development of the Feng Shui profession worldwide.

Professional Integrity

  • All Directors and Educators shall provide professional service and behavior (whether paid or unpaid) to the public, clients and students, ensuring their safety physically, spiritually, and psychologically.
  • All Directors and Educators are committed to maintaining integrity, dignity, honesty and upholding the highest reputation of the IFSG and of Feng Shui.
  • All Directors and Educators shall refrain from negative comments, comparisons or judgments about other schools or school directors.
  • All Directors and Educators shall perform with the highest professional and legal conduct. Potential conflicts of interests, as well as financial rewards beyond normal payment should be avoided.
  • Inclusion on the IFSG member school directory is not an endorsement or guarantee of the ability or skill of those programs by the IFSG, and they should not be stated as such.
  • Advertising for educators, school directors, and school programs and services is to be accurate, ethical and dignified in tone and should not contain unsuitable testimonials or overstated claims.
  • All Directors and Educators personal beliefs should not prejudice interactions with regard to a client's lifestyle, culture, belief, race, color, gender, sexuality, age, social status or perceived economic worth.
  • Plagiarism, including total or partial reproduction of text or verbiage by another without express consent or without the correct reference, is unethical and will be evaluated by the Board as ground for cancellation of membership.
  • All Directors and Educators agree to honor the copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property of another, recognizing that any infringement is unethical and debases their own integrity as well as our profession.
  • Infringements might include the unauthorized use of pictures, framing another's website within their own without permission, or using another's trademarks without their permission. Trademark infringement includes use of an identifying mark, work, phrase, color, picture or layout that could lead to a likelihood of confusion with the legitimate holder of a valid trade or service mark.


Case Studies

  • All Directors and Educators performing case study projects, as part of training or curriculum shall adhere to professional standards of conduct and ethics, shall maintain client privacy, and shall always act in the best interest of the client.


Laws, Regulations, Codes

  • All Directors and Educators shall comply with all existing national, state and local laws as well as regulation and codes governing building, civil, criminal and general business procedures as established by all applicable jurisdictions in which they practice.


As a professional holistic life coach, I adhere to the tenets of the Experts Industry Association Code of Ethics. While this organization has officially closed, I still stand by my commitmenst to excellence by their standards,, including:

Section I: Transparency and Compliance

I will be transparent and truthful about my experience, expertise, results, credentials, and abilities with my customers, followers, peers, media, and the greater public.

I will make clear descriptions of any product or service I am offering for sale, including pricepoints and any recurring billing, so that my customers always know what they are signing up for, purchasing, and receiving.

I will comply with the marketing guidelines of the CAN-SPAM Act in my electronic communications, including ensuring that recipients of my broadcast emails have opted-in to receive communications from me and that they have the option to unsubscribe or change their contact information at the bottom of all my emails.

I will comply with the marketing guidelines of the United States Federal Trade Commission, including refraining from making false claims, income or results guarantees, or misleading testimonials, income claims, or financial statements; I will only make claims which I can substantiate and I will also clearly post and articulate earning disclaimers on any webpage or correspondence that references income opportunities.

I will disclose to my audience that I am an affiliate of a third party should I anticipate receiving an affiliate commission or referral compensation for recommending their products or services to my audience.

I will not offer professional legal, financial, or medical advice unless I am qualified to do so, which in many cases require professional degrees or certifications by law, and when necessary I will refer my customers or followers to an appropriate certified advisors.

I will not promote any products, marketing campaigns, or services that (a) directly sends marketing to children under the age of thirteen (13), (b) discriminates against others, (c) perpetuates hate or misinformation, (d) features paid actors pretending to be a fictional customer or client, (e) utilizes false scarcity techniques (for example, that claim a limited number of products exist when it is not true, or that a promotion expires at a certain time when it does not).

I have an online website that is open to the public that features my biographical information and company contact address and phone number, so that my customers may learn about who I am and can contact my organization with inquiries.

Section II: Customer Service Excellence

I will seek to overdeliver on my promises to my customers.

I will endeavor to understand my client and audience needs, problems, and ambitions in hopes of serving them with information that can help them achieve their goals.

I will provide a minimum of a 30-day money back guarantee on all of my products and programs, and I will not make my customers jump through hoops or endure hardships or humiliation in order to receive refunds.

I will provide customer support for all of my products and programs.

I will respect the privacy and confidential information of my clients and customers.

I will not participate in any forum or agreement that engages in illegal activity, marketplace collusion, or discrimination on the basis of age, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, or any other factor.

I will honor my customer's financial situations and not seek to persuade them into spending money they do not have or that could lead to their financial ruin.

I will post contact information on all of my sales pages and in all of the receipts/confirmations that my customers receive so that they can always find a way to easily contact my office.

I will provide a phone number on all my sales materials and sales pages online that customers can call with questions about my products and programs. I will ensure the phone number is a "real" phone number that reaches a real person or their voicemail, and that my organization will attempt to return any calls received by customers within 24-72 business hours.

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Integrity is Key...

There is an immense difference between asking my guidance and seeking wisdom from an internet psychic or card reader.

My credentials, experience, and reputation are your reassurance that I will honor your privacy, guard your records, and maintain your trust in all I do. I shall protect our relationship for both our benefits, always maintaining the highest professional standards.

Should you have any questions regarding our interaction, I am always available to you by phone or email.


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