Robin’s Healing Arts

Robin Peck is a Massage Therapist and Feng Shui Practioner. Robin received her massage training at the European Institute of massage where she finished top in her class. She has been practicing massage for 8 years as a full time therapist for Koala Health & Wellness Centers in Webster Texas. Robin specializes in sports massage, integrated massage and stress reduction. Robin has traveled with USA fitness groups in Houston to Paris France, Alaska, and Chicago to assist the runners with their marathons. She also has worked many other sporting events to benefit the performance of the athletes.  Robin has seen the true healing benefits of massage through her work with her clients.  

She chose Feng Shui as another way to create a positive shift in energy in her clients' lives. Robin received her professional practioner's certification in October of 2007 through the training of Tomorrow's Key. Robin has provided wonderful experiences with Feng Shui to residential homes and businesses.
“I feel that the massage work I do fulfills the desire to create an internal balance and the feng shui allows me to take it to your external space. The two combined offer truly amazing benefits! Just making one change is a start. I would like to offer this to everyone that is ready to take that leap of faith and get on track to a very peaceful, abundant, and lovely life.”

I personally get massage and acupuncture on a regular basis. I hired a feng shui practioner for my own home before I received a license of my own. It has increased the health, wealth and knowledge to our household. My husband - a skeptic - is now very much a believer! It works…"  

Robin Peck
Clear Lake, TX
Areas of Specialty: Healing, Empathic Insight & Intuition