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Residential Feng Shui

I will come to your home or apartment if you are in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. I live near downtown, so I can get almost anywhere in this area in less than an hour. Those of you who live further may either choose a virtual consulation or choose to pay a extra for my time and travel.

At our initial phone conference, we will discuss what is going on with you, changes you'd like to bring in, and what you know about previous occupants of your space. During this conversation, we will choose a transcendental ceremony to perform for your space. As Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun taught, "Moving the furniture or changing the items within the space is mundane and is 10% effective. Implementing transcendental shifts, however, is 110% effective."

You will focus on the nine energy areas of the Bagua to get clear on how you want your life to be. We will usually address them in this order:

  1. Family and Friends
  2. Wealth and Fortunate Blessings
  3. Health and Well-Being
  4. Benefactors and Travel
  5. Children and Creativity
  6. Knowledge and Self-Improvement
  7. Fame and Reputation
  8. Career and Life Path
  9. Marriage and Relationships

If you will write down what you want, considering that all things are possible and money is no object, the odds of you achieving your vision are much higher than if you just speak it. If you illustrate your words and infuse the paper with your emotions, all excited about imagining this coming to pass, you have a 93% chance of manifesting your vision. Read that again. The object here is to get you what you want. You will achieve that by doing something different than what you are already doing.

At Least On Physical Shift to Stir Up the Energy

During our time together we will perform at least one physical shift of items in your space. I recommend that you live with it for at least seven days. Your task is to be aware of the difference, taking note of how you feel, how the space feels, and what others say. Then, after a week, you may decide to put it back the way it was or to shift it even further. As always, creation of your space is up to you.

You're In Charge of Your Space, Others Are In Charge of Theirs

Anyone eleven years old or older has the right to request that their space be respected and left out of our analysis. This means roommates, spouses, and other family members living with you must consent to our procedures for us to enter their rooms.

What About Pets?

Animals always love these visits and are welcome to join us as we go.

You Receive…

  • A written I Ching Divination providing information about your current situation
  • Color printouts of satellite imagery of your geographic landforms with an analysis of their impact
  • An exclusive copy of my book, E to the Power of 3: Setting the Stage for Your Success
  • Audio recording the our entire consultation
  • Up to 6 months of Feng Shui Follow Up
  • Access to me and the Houston Feng Shui Council should you have additional questions

Gift Certificates are Available

If you are giving this service as a gift, be sure they want it before you give it. Call or email to discuss what you want to give and to whom, as well as to make the payment. I will send a full color, gold foil embossed Gift Certificate to you or to the person of your choice.

Hourly Rates

I charge $200 per hour for Residential consultations, with a $500 minimum, calculated in 15 minute increments. This fee is due at the end of my visit, and is payable in cash or by check in a red envelope. If you choose to pay via PayPal, please write me a thank you note and give it to me in a red envelope. (See sidebar to the right for information on the Tradition of the Red Envelope.)

Residential Consultation

Feng Shui Consulting | Virtual Consultations | Residential Feng Shui | Commercial Feng Shui | Personal Feng Shui
Feng Shui Fun On The Run (Blog) | Professional Energy Clearing | Feng Shui Adventures | Feng Shui Parties |
Feng Shui Friendly Real Estate Evaluations

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The Tradition of the
Red Envelope

Much like you wrap a present instead of giving it in the bag from the store where you bought it, presenting my payment in a red envelope honors me and my energy, as well as it honors the energy of your payment.

The envelope does not have to be one used by the Chinese, as shown here. The red envelopes such as you would give with Valentines or Christmas cards works just fine. I have, in fact, had people make red envelopes for me. Some are quite intricate, some are just white envelopes colored red with a crayon. One time I was even given a little red box.

The most important part is the intention of honor and appreciation. That is shown by your respect for the Tradition of the Red Envelope.

Having said all that, I do travel with extra red envelopes, just in case.


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