Motivational Speaking | Living HeartWise | The Magic of YOU at Work | Beam Team Building- Let Them Shine! | Curriculum Designed to Meet Your Needs

Motivational Speaking & Custom Designed Training

As a Master Teacher and a middle child of six kids, I have a bright, enthusiasm for my topics that comes across - regardless of my topic. I find learning and sharing to be a source of joy and I am comfortable in my ability to share it in ways that share my passion and interest. I'm often told, "I wish I had teachers like you in all my classes."

I have had the privilege of training the fine minds of professional architects and interior designers as a Registered Provider of Continuing Education for the American Institute of Architects (AIA). I designed, wrote, and delivered full day training sessions all over the United States to train about Feng Shui Friendly Design so that we could work together to support the people living and working in the enviroments they create. For testimonials from those attending my AIA workshops, scan the right column on this page.

Many organizations bring in speakers regularly and attendees wish they could have stayed at their desk and gotten their work done. With presentations by Trisha Keel of Tomorrow's Key, your group will be amazed at the level of energy they have when I leave. They will be more keenly focused, actively charged, and ready for more, whether I present one of my favorite topics or create custom designed training to meet your company's specific needs.

Choose from various program formats:

  • Lunchtime topics
  • After work presentations
  • Business day events
  • Evening events
  • Weekend retreats
  • Seminars
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting Spot Targets


Topics include:

  • Living HeartWise - YOU Are Awesome!
  • The Magic of YOU at Work
  • Beam Team Building - Let Them Shine!
  • Blitzing Bored Bosses


Call 713-952-5429 today to discuss how I can reenergize your staff and schedule my visit to your company or organization.

Motivational Speaking | Living HeartWise | The Magic of YOU at Work | Beam Team Building- Let Them Shine! | Curriculum Designed to Meet Your Needs

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Comfortable and Fun


Regardless of the size of the group,
I address my audiences as if they are simply a group of my newest friends. That connection comes through so that everyone feels a part of the discussion.

Interest levels are always high because of my frankness and honesty. I pull no punches, but still keep the group focused on possible solutions instead of their problems.

Bio Blurb

Trisha Keel, PhD is blessed with a bright light and enthusiasm which comes across in any situation. On stage or in a conference room, she delivers fascinating motivational topics which energize her audiences, who ask her back time and again.

A natural-born teacher, she can take the most mundane topics and turn them into fascinating discourses that are talked about by attendees for months to come. Comfortable with technology since the late 1970s, Trisha is at ease in any age group - as she understands the scope of challenges brought on by social media and the global market.

Whether you want to stir up your employees' self-confidence or restore their spirits, Trisha delivers the full spectrum of motivational topics.

Dr. Keel is the most knowledgeable, experienced and published Holistic Life Coach, Feng Shui Master, and Environmental Energy Expert in Texas. Known for her uncanny ability to analyze the people and places to restore harmony and support, her clients include: The American Heart Association, AARP, American Business Women, the City of Houston, Harris County, M.D. Anderson Hospital, and many more.

For information about Rev. Dr. Keel, please visit her website, or call 713-952-5429.