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Fees & Payments

Personal Power Coaching

You know it is just right there - dangling just above your head. You're so very close to grasping what you need to change everything. You want it so dearly you're hoping it will miraculously appear for you. But it hasn't yet.

You just need the key…Tomorrow's Key…to open the door to your future. Walk into a life where you can shine as bright and be as bold as you really are. I'll create a step-by-step pathway specifically designed to get where you exactly where want to be.

I offer several coaching plans to best support your goals and to honor your budget. Of course, the more consistently we focus on moving you forward, the more powerful your results are. I offer savings as your incentive to commit and follow through with your growth and expansion.

Single Payments Offer the Biggest Savings

I offer coaching in one hour allotments. You can purchase those hours one at a time, or you can set up a schedule for 3, 6, or 12 meetings. And, of course, you are invited to request whatever time with me you need, whenever you need it. If you choose a one hour session and then wish to expand to two, the fee will be at the one hour rate. If you choose the 3 one-hour session option, then need an extra hour, the fee will be at the 3-session rate ($275/hour). This will be the same for each of the Single Payment Options I offer.

Personal Power Coaching

One Year Subscription Option

Imagine where you will be after a year of working with me as your Personal Power Coach! For those of you wishing to make monthly payments, but still SAVE BIG, I offer a one year subscription. You'll pay only $225 each month, instead of the $300 per hour for intermittent coaching.

To be sure you're comfortable with the One Year Subscription, I offer a First Month Trial at $250. After that session, if you wish to proceed, you can choose to continue and commit for the year, and your price will drop to the $225 from then on. If, however, you decide against continuing, you can cancel your subscription. No penalty, no problem.


Single Services - Expanded Coaching

Fees for Expanded Coaching are $5 per minute, calculated in 5-minute increments, with a 30-minute minimum. These sessions may include readings from several different types of Tarot (different decks give different insights), the I Ching (Chinese Book of Changes), channeling Claire (my spirit guide), or delving into Numerology or Astrology. Session length begins with 30 minutes, and can extend, according to your budget, up to one hour or more.

Divination and Readings

Tomorrow's Key Students Receive Discounted Rates…

You are eligible for this Student Discount ONLY if you are a student of The Art of Living Your Life, Nature of the Soul, or if you have completed Professional Feng Shui Practitioner or Energy Practitioner Training. Fees are discounted by 40% to these students.

Holistic Life Coaching - TK Student Discount


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Equal Exchange of Energy

When you pay me or when others pay you, money is being used as am exchange medium for energy.

When you want your eyes examined or your plumbing repaired, you cannot give the provider a bucket of your energy, so you give them money - whether cash or virtual - for them to use to acquire what they want and need. Salt, cattle, and even people have been used as mediums of energy exchange.

To reap a bit of extra energy from the universal bank of good karma, pay your bills with blessings intentionally attached. That blessing energy must return to you. Do it anonymously and the energy returns to you threefold!



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