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Professional Energy Clearing Services

You Can Do the Simple Stuff - I Can Teach You How

Seasonal energy clearing is a common housekeeping activity. If you want to learn what to do for each season, I recommend you attend my Energy Clearing Workshops. Taught quarterly, this training teaches what is involved in Spring cleaning, how to bless a new place, how to smudge with sage, all about plants, incense, and crystals and when and how to use them, how to protect your home and family, and much more.

These are all elements which should be in everyone's skill set and they do not require the assistance of a professional. You can do this stuff. I will teach you how.

We Are Far Removed from Death (Except for TV, video games and movies)

Since we no longer kill our livestock to eat them, nor do we die at home very often now, most people have never experienced a death in their home. Folks die in the hospital, a retirement home, or on the road. Most of us would prefer to experience this transition at home, in bed, surrounded by family. But, because we haven't experienced it, death scares most of us. We don't know what to do or how to handle it. So when death happens - then what?

Death, like birth and life, can be messy. If there is a death by violence, the police will recommend a crime scene clean up team of professionals. LET THEM COME. Brain matter hardens to the consistency of cement. You do not want to be scraping your loved one's brains off your walls! Don't ask that of your hurting heart. Let the professionals come do what they do with removing the bodily fluids, remains, etc., and then call in the professional.

Contact me at 713-952-5429 and we will formulate a plan of action, and set an appointment for me to come to your location. I will likely bring an assistant or two. If you prefer this to be just me and you, however, you can help me with the procedures. I will walk you through it, explaining step-by-step what we're doing and why. It's not a hard process, it is, however, completely thorough.

When the energy clearing is complete, you will know exactly what steps to take, in which order. You will have the serenity and clarity of the space better even than it was before.

My Charges

I charge $250 per hour, with a minimum of $625, and is calculated in 15 minute increments. This price does not change whether I bring assistants or not. Energy clearing is not feng shui and does not require payment with a red envelope, although the thought is always appreciated. Payment is due at the completion of the energy clearing procedures.

Professional Energy Clearing

Feng Shui Consulting | Virtual Consultations | Residential Feng Shui | Commercial Feng Shui | Personal Feng Shui
Feng Shui Fun On The Run (Blog) | Professional Energy Clearing | Feng Shui Adventures | Feng Shui Parties |
Feng Shui Friendly Real Estate Evaluations

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When You Need to Call
In a Professional

Death is part of life. But when death happens in your home - no matter who dies - you need to bring in a professional to clear the energies so that you can rest assured that all the proper details have been tended to.

While you will need to process the event by doing some of your own clearing and cleaning, with the services of a professional you know your space is cleared at all four levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

What to Do When Someone
Dies at Home

  • IF YOU CAN, LEAVE THEM BE FOR AT LEAST 12 HOURS before calling the authorities.
  • Those present at the time of death need to bathe.
  • Move all photos of the deceased OFF SITE for 111 days.
  • If the person died in a bed, get that mattress set out of the house.
  • Open the windows at least 3 inches, and leave them open till sunset.
  • Don’t burn any candles until after the burial or release of their ashes.
  • Hang a black wreath on the front door for at least 3 days.
  • Remove any flowers that were in the house on the day of the death.
  • Don’t bring in new flowers until after the burial or release of his ashes.
  • On the day of the burial/ash release take down all wind chimes in and around the home until the ceremony is over.

Times to Call a Pro Include…

  • Suicide or Attempted Suicide
  • Murder or Attempted Murder
  • Acts of Terrorism (even with no deaths involved)
  • Rape
  • Child/Elder Abuse
  • Torture
  • Discovery or Movement of Human Remains (after calling the police)
  • Hate crimes (crosses burned in front yard, animals murdered, any bodily mutilation, etc.)
  • Death after a long illness
  • Multiple simultaneous deaths
  • Demonic possession
  • Poltergeist manifestations
  • Any time you feel that what you're dealing with is stronger than you are and you'd like some back-up

If you or someone you love has had a death in your home or work place, you are invited to email me and I will send you more information. Yes, there is support for you here!


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