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Commercial Feng Shui

Commercial feng shui begins with an analysis of your position in the geographic world, as well as within the cluster of your neighbors. That old saying about laying down with dogs and getting fleas is quite accurate. We will analyze the flow of energy into your space and seek to enhance it.

Show Me the Money

An interior analysis will quite quickly show where your money comes in and how (and how fast) it goes out. We will work together to ensure your company's financial security, reputation, and tendency to flourish.

You Cannot Be In Business Alone

Your employees are part of your business machine. For your business to thrive, they too must thrive. We will review their work spaces and enhance their productivity, focus, and anttitudes. This can be done on a day you're closed or simply with discretion when you don't want to explain what you're doing or why to those who work for you.

Lighting, Siting and Cash Registers

Commercial feng shui is enormously more detailed than residential. We will review all aspects which affect your company, including the energy from your light fixtures, the siting of each work station or sales display, and the positioning of cash registers. Bathrooms, break rooms, and conference rooms are evaluated and recommendations given to enhance productivity and employee/customer support.

Transcendental Energy Shifts

As I identify situations requiring transcendental energy shifts, I will recommend that you consider how you would like your business to improve in each of the following areas (and in this order):

  1. Family and Friends
  2. Wealth and Fortunate Blessings
  3. Health and Well-Being
  4. Benefactors and Travel
  5. Children and Creativity
  6. Knowledge and Self-Improvement
  7. Fame and Reputation
  8. Career and Life Path
  9. Marriage and Relationships


If you will write down what you envision for your company's future, considering that all things are possible and money is no object, the odds of achieving your vision are much higher than if you just think about it or speak it. If you illustrate your words and infuse the paper with your emotions, all excited about imagining this coming to pass, you have a 93% chance of manifesting your vision. Read that again. The object here is to get you what you want. You will achieve that by doing something different than what you are already doing.

At Least On Physical Shift to Stir Up the Energy

During our time together we will perform at least one physical shift of items in your space. I recommend that you live with it for at least seven days. Your task is to be aware of the difference, taking note of how you feel, how the space feels, and what others say. Then, after a week, you may decide to put it back the way it was or to shift it even further. As always, creation of your space is up to you.

Feng Shui Just My Cubicle

If you are the owner of this company, we can go into anyone's space as they work for you. If, however, you are only an employee of the company, we can only work on your space, and we can only do it by photographs. Take as many pictures as you can:

  • From the approach to your office, work station, or cubicle
  • From within the space from where you sit in all directions
  • From the door in all directions
  • If you have a window, the view you look at every day
  • Open drawers and cabinets to show what is within
  • Show what is behind the door (if you have a door)
  • Show the condition of your chair and desk
  • Show where you have your trash can located
  • Take a photo of all your wires
  • Take photos of the ceiling and the light fixtures above where you work
  • Take photos of the carpet or floor beneath your fee
  • Take photos also of where you park, where you enter, and what you look at as you move from your vehicle to the door.

Note sounds, smells, signs, and your sense of safety (or lack thereof) as you arrive at where you work.

All of this consultation must be done when you are not at work. I will review, and write up a full evaluation, including recommendations. We will discuss the report after you have read it.

If you are an employee, I have a separate charge for only a Cubicle/Office consultation, to support you in your space, which can be done by phone and photos. This has a special reduced rate to facilitate your successful shift of energy before you get your results. You receive a full written report in PDF format via email which includes your photos, my analysis, and suggestions to shift the energies within your space. Youwill also receive a PDF of my book, E to the Power of 3.

Should you need alternative ideas or support with your implementation of my recommendations, you can email me questions and photos for clarification or explanation. Payment of $250 is due when I submit your report and is payable via PayPal. No PayPal account is required simply sign in as a guest and use whatever card you prefer.


Gift Certificates are Available

If you are giving this service as a gift, be sure they want it before you give it. Call or email to discuss what you want to give and to whom, as well as to make the payment. I will send a full color, gold foil embossed Gift Certificate to you or to the person of your choice.

Commercial Clients Also Receive…

  • A written I Ching Divination providing information about your current situation
  • Color printouts of satellite imagery of your geographic landforms with an analysis of their impact
  • An exclusive copy of my book, E to the Power of 3: Setting the Stage for Your Success
  • Audio recording the our entire consultation
  • Up to 6 months of Feng Shui Follow Up
  • Access to me and the Houston Feng Shui Council should you have additional questions

Should our discussion include the shift of large numbers of items, I will provide illustrative schematics to guide you. I am also available for clarification as needed.

Hourly Rates

I charge $300 per hour for Commercial consultations, with a $750 minimum, calculated in 15 minute increments. This fee is due at the end of my visit, and is payable in cash or by check in a red envelope. If you choose to pay via PayPal, please write me a thank you note and give or mail it to me in a red envelope.

Commercial Consultation

Feng Shui Consulting | Virtual Consultations | Residential Feng Shui | Commercial Feng Shui | Personal Feng Shui
Feng Shui Fun On The Run (Blog) | Professional Energy Clearing | Feng Shui Adventures | Feng Shui Parties |
Feng Shui Friendly Real Estate Evaluations

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Who is running the place?

An interesting bit of feng shui information is that whomever has the office furthest away from the entrance is really the person running the office or business.

Consider that the king never sleeps in a room right by the front door. He and the royal family sleep in the castle keep. The most protected place in the structure, guarded by everyone between them and the drawbridge. So, if you have stationed yourself at the front door, who is in the king's position?

This is the same thing you encounter when you walk into a convenience store and find a color photograph of the owner hanging on the wall behind the clerk. That owner has put himself there to remind his employees that he is watching them. The President of the United States does this in all our Post Offices and Courts. Interesting technique, and very effective.

Note: Same thing applies at home with whomever sleeps furthest back from the front door. I've found mothers-in-law here as well as children.


Commercial Testimonial:

Trisha is gifted with an extraordinary talent of vision - she sees both what is missing and what could be. She is thorough, uncommonly resourceful, and has a natural sense of spatial potential for human support.

I highly recommend Trisha Keel and Tomorrow's Key to any potential client, commercial or residential, seeking to use the benefits of feng shui to enhance their environment.


Katherine A. Christy
COO/Corporate Counsel
Florida Capital Real Estate Group


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