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Books, Calendars & Tomorrow's Key Products

Feng Shui & Moon Magic 2018 Planning Calendar:
Your Guide to the Wheel of the Year

In pursuit of a meaningful life, it becomes necessary to weave all the cycles of time into the fabric of your daily experience. With an awareness of the celestial weather, you can dance through your days in celebration of every season, every lunation, and every astrological sign of the Zodiac.

Plan to watch meteor showers and know where in the skies to watch for fireballs and wishing stars. Stay on top of Mercury's retrogrades. Add the energy of the Celestial Animals to the Feng Shui of every day using my unique Time Flow Keys. Grasp the layers of meanings of energy from the ancient times of Druids to the holidays of current times.

Enjoy Feng Shui Tips and Practical Magic Solutions as every week of the year unfolds before you. Plenty of room to make lists and cross them off! This is a perfect gift for your special magical someone. Buy 2 so you can keep yours!



Meaningful Magic:
Infusing Life with Wonder

Yes, YOU really are capable of making Magic. Actually, you have been making Magic all your life and have been unaware of just how powerful you are. No, I am not kidding. Yes, you really do make Magic happen.

How? Ever make supper magically appear for your family? Ever make the delicious magic happen of clean sheets happen in your bed? Ever magically deliver a project for work? How DO those things happen? How can you make these things happen with meaning and intention? How does it affect a party when you create a theme? How does it affect a date, when you light candles or dab perfume at your pulse points? How does it affect your day when you wear your favorite color?

You make this and much more Magic happen without even breaking stride. Magic is much more than these simple examples. You simply have never been taught about your powers. The time has come to share the teachings.

With this book, you step into your own magical world! Meaningful Magic includes chapters on Altars, Amulets, Athamés, Candles, Divination, Enchantment, Familiars, Grimoires, Healing Herbs, Incense, Omens, Plants & Trees, and Scrying. Step-by-step, illustrated instruction on what each is, how to use them, where to find them, how to handle them, what to explore with them, and everything you need to know to activate the Magic in your life.

Imagine how different your life will be when you Infuse Your Life with the Wonder of Meaningful Magic! Trisha Keel PhD reveals everything you need to know about stepping into your own wonderfully magical life.


LifeStages: ENCORE!

An eclectic collection of images from Trisha Keel's daily blog, Life StageS: ENCORE! is book two ofthe Feng Shui Fun On The Run Pro blog. Each page features a fascinating bit of Feng Shui challenge or sweetness.

Some photos are taken by Dr.Trisha Keel, others are taken from the internet. All are learning opportunities! Discover why where you are affects you - and what you can do about it.

Best of all, learn to create your own spaces to support your life with comfort and ease.








The Art of Living Your Life:
A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Life You've Always Dreamed of Living

Living the life of your dreams is truly an Art. The Art of Living Your Life teaches how to create each day to be filled with hope, growth, and personal strength in a workbook format which guides you every step of the way.

It is created specifically for those who are ready to:

  • Let go of lack and embrace abundance
  • Dump the energy drainers and enjoy supportive relationships
  • Break through the blocks and move into your most productive career
  • Release your past dis-ease and move into a life of health and well-being
  • Connect to your confidence and do everything that incredibly powerful “certain” way
  • Establish an unbreakable faith in and bond to your spiritual side


Begin the journey toward your goals as you take guided steps on the path towards The Art of Living Your Life, and begin to experience dramatic changes. Students of this life coaching class receive new job opportunities, develop new relationships, and enhance of family dynamics within the first months of class!

If you are ready for breakthroughs and abundance in your life and wondering how to find your way to what you want, I am honored to guide you on your path to learning to create the life you've always dreamed of using The Art of Living Your Life!



Feng Shui & Moon Magic 2017 Planning Calendar

Almost half the size but now with room to keep track of meetings, appointments, and events, the Feng Shui & Moon Magic 2017 Planning Calendar is easier to carry! Watch the color coded dates for Mercury’s mischief and track the Moon’s phases and Tree energies every month of the year. The 2017 Planning Calendar includes:

  • Mercury’s Retrograde & Wobbles have ORANGE or YELLOW date boxes
  • Every planet’s movement to retrograde or direct
  • Time Flow Keys help you plan to align with Nature’s energy flow
  • Every Moon’s Druid Tree (For more information see my books: Feng Shui & Moon Magic and Feng Shui & Moon Magic Complementary Compendium - also available on
  • In Between Day - Plan to play hooky!
  • Lunar Phases and Zodiac location identified to facilitate planning
  • Solar and Lunar Eclipses
  • Annual Meteor Showers
  • Traditional Zodiac sign starts and stops, divided into Decants
  • Observances for celestial events such as Solstices, Equinoxes
  • Observances for Wheel of the Year events such as Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Halloween
  • American Holidays and Observances
  • Daylight Savings Time start and end
  • Practical Magic Solutions to support a year of magical days and nights
  • Feng Shui Suggestions to set the stage for your success
  • Reminders for all the Tomorrow’s Key workshops and training classes




Practical Wisdom for a Magical Life

Everything you wanted to know about living a magical life and didn't know who to ask! You have always wondered about the magic in Time - learn how to give yourself a little more so you won't be late! What about captivating the magic in Love or flexing your Magic with Money?

Get real techniques which you can implement with little or no cost, mainly using the power of mental focus, clarity and intention. I guarantee you will be AMAZED!

  • Time Magic - Remember how to stop time, slow time, and step out of time. Techniques to change the past
  • Love Magic - Remember why you love you and show yourself some love. 37 ways to indulge yourself
  • Garden Magic - Remember who the elemental devas are: gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders
  • Kitchen Magic - Remember the magic you make in the kitchen with fire, water, herbs, honey, eggs, broom & more
  • Animal Magic - Remember the power of your spirit animal and all totems, bring their power to your magic
  • Water Magic - Remember how to draw down the Moon, savor rainbows, storms, and program water's memory
  • Fire Magic - Remember how to draw down the Sun, work with rainbow fire, St. Michael, and living fire
  • Prosperity Magic - Remember how to set up a Prosperity Zone, program money loving, and how to have/give/save
  • Dream Magic - Remember how to program your subconscious mind, astral project, lucid dream, visioneer & more
  • Harmony Magic - Remember to harmonize your mind with your mouth, honor your emotions, and appreciate all
  • Cleaning Magic - Remember to live life in layers, add touches of magic to your chores, magical cleaning solutions
  • Threshold Magic - Remember that thresholds are magical places and why: mirrors, eyes, wells, mouths & more


All this information is fun to learn and fascinating to consider. You really will remember that you know some of these things. I guarantee, however, there is plenty of stuff to stretch your mind and challenge your creativity. When you study with me, you get all kinds of information you can USE! The wisdom here will cause the Sun to rise on magical days for you forevermore! Order your copy of this book now and get one for a friend!

Book: Practical Wisdom for a Magical Life


LifeStageS: Feng Shui On Purpose

The first printed collection of the rich wisdom and Feng Shui tips of the subscription version of my daily blog, Feng Shui Fun On The Run. This eclectic grouping of images span hundreds of facets of both residential and commercial Feng Shui challenges:

  • Learn to read environmental energies to know what really happens here
  • Quick, low cost, and easy tips for solving complicated problems
  • The sexy, the smarmy and the secret details - ALL REVEALED!
  • Just like life, this Feng Shui study unfolds as you turn to a page, any page at all
  • Discover secrets you would normally learn only after years of practice


This book includes photos and quick overviews, as well as Special Notes to point out key elements of the environment. Learn what the PROs know even if you're not a Feng Shui Practitioner. You can also SUBSCRIBE to Feng Shui Fun On The Run and get fresh, hot Feng Shui, every day, delivered right to your mailbox! Only $3/month!

Over 260 full color pages, with detailed Table of Contents and Index! PRICE: $44

Book: LifeStageS



Feng Shui Fun: Using Margarita Research to Create Yummy Spaces

Have you been reading different books and find they all say different things? Were you confused after the first one? Now, you can Do-It-Yourself with my guidance, AS IF I WERE WALKING BY YOUR SIDE. This unique book delivers interactive support in multiple layers:

  • Downloadable worksheets, guides, and practice pages
  • YouTube videos with candid, clear, and concise explanations
  • Blog tidbits with photos from my daily
  • Links to article written to enrich your feng shui in every area of your life
  • Hundreds of color photos showing you exactly what to look for.


Chock full of fascinating and rarely shared feng shui secrets, this book is unlike any other - and it is considerably less expensive than a full consultation! PRICE: $36

Book: Feng Shui FUN


Schedule with me when you would like to pick up your order at my Tomorrow's Key studios: 1624 Bonnie Brae Street, No. 6 in Houston, Texas. Also available at Lucia's Garden in Houston or on


The Fine Art of Energy Clearing by the Cycle of the Seasons

For those who have always wanted the wisdom of how to use the magic of energy to enhance life, deal with death, and keep the energies of your space pristeen. This book is brimming with information for bringing in each season of the year into your home and into your heart.

If you have always wanted to know what to do to live in alignment with the seasons, this book is for you. Your grandmother and mom likely haven’t had a chance to teach you, as busy as every one is these days, but the information in this book is what they would tell you. This book has everything you need to know about taking care of your space and the energy that resonates there. Great resource for any natural home!

Read to discover:

  • How to invoke and work with the archangels
  • How to do a real Spring Cleaning
  • What to do to bring in each season
  • How to make tea
  • Which incense to burn
  • Where to hang a Witch’s Ladder


Learn how, why and when to:

  • Smudge a space with sage
  • Bless your water
  • Install light shields
  • Draw down the Moon
  • Get new brooms


Find out how to:

  • Set up an altar
  • Disconnect from a house to sell it
  • Work with the power of runes
  • Clear energy after a death or divorce
  • Create your own hexablessing



  • Benefits of Plants
  • What Crystals Can Do
  • What Colors Mean
  • Symbolism of Roses
  • Best Days for Different Activities


And Much More!

This is a GREAT gift for anyone getting ready to move out on their own. Don’t let them leave home without it!

For a free preview of this book - including the FULL TABLE OF CONTENTS, download this pdf.

For information on attending any of the four Touch of Practical Magic: Energy Clearing Workshops, click here.

Book: The Fine Art of Energy Clearing


Schedule with me when you would like to pick up your order at my Tomorrow's Key studios: 1624 Bonnie Brae Street, No. 6 in Houston, Texas. Also available at Lucia's Garden in Houston or on


Feng Shui & Moon Magic: A Guide to Blending Natural Earth and Lunar Energies to Promote Success and Well-Being in All Areas of Your Life

Make every day magical and meaningful with this month-by-month guide to discover how connected you truly are to the Earth as you align with the magnetic influences of the Moon.

Each chapter includes:

  • Lore and legends about each moon cycle
  • Feng shui check lists and suggests
  • Scents, sounds, and colors of the lunation
  • Magical spells to stir up some delight in your life
  • Treasure trove of titillating and tempting activities
  • …and much more!


Take yourself and your entire family into the spirit of each Moon's energy and live in the rich magic of meaning. So much information is included that readers say they find new ideas every year! PRICE: $25

Book: Feng Shui & Moon Magic

Schedule with me when you would like to pick up your order at my Tomorrow's Key studios: 1624 Bonnie Brae Street, No. 6 in Houston, Texas. Also available at Lucia's Garden in Houston or on


Feng Shui & Moon Magic Complementary Compendium

This book contains all the materials and handouts from a year of classes. LOTS of great stuff which you can use to magically enhance your life and the lives of your family.

The Compendium includes new activities, exercises, spells, and affirmations, as well as:

  • Feng shui support checkliss for all seasons
  • Table of totems and their symbolism
  • Thirty-three ideas for date nights with yourself
  • List of plants and flowers and their magical uses
  • Sixty-six ways to stop energy vampires
  • Powerful problem solving procedures and techniques
  • Step-by-step instrucions for a house blessing
  • Gratitude Rings for family fun at Thanksgiving
  • …and much more!


Be the magician in your life and set the stage for your family's fun, growth, success, and well-being. PRICE: $20

Book: FS&MM Complementary Compendium

Schedule with me when you would like to pick up your order at my Tomorrow's Key studios: 1624 Bonnie Brae Street, No. 6 in Houston, Texas. Also available at Lucia's Garden in Houston or on


Adventures in Energy: Real Life Feng Shui Reports

Adventures in Energy is comprised of actual feng shui reports written to address real life environments and the people living within them. While the names of people and places have been changed to honor client privacy, the adventure you'll take through their feng shui reports will leave you breathless with understanding and inspiration.

  • Satellite images evaluated for exterior energy effects
  • Actual on-site photos and analyses of enegy flow
  • Enhanced photos to show how recommended solutions will look
  • Definitive evaluations of support from the Celestial Animals
  • Easy to understand explanations of energy needed in each area of the bagua and how to support it
  • Simple Creation & Control techniques and suggestions to balance energy as needed
  • Discovery of the sweetest Dragon and Pearl energy configurations
  • Warnings for legendary energy pitfalls
  • Evidence of the very real damage clutter can do to lives and businesses
  • And much, much more!


Each adventure includes my complete energy analysis that unfolds as I explore deeper into the hearts of the spaces of places. Join me and see how a professional feng shui master analyzes and evaluates the energy configuration in actual environments. Learn by actually seeing the process unfold rather than simply reading and trying to apply the theory. PRICE: $35

Book: Adventures in Energy

Schedule with me when you would like to pick up your order at my Tomorrow's Key studios: 1624 Bonnie Brae Street, No. 6 in Houston, Texas. Also available in Houston at Lucia's Garden, 2360 West Alabama or online at


Crystal Star Car Charms

Traffic trying your patience? Travel in safety and serenity with a Crystal Star Car Charm hanging from your rear view mirror. Crystal Star Car Charms are blessed with the Heart Calming Mantra to bring centered peace to you and your passengers, regardless of the stress moving in the lanes around you.

Star crystals come with a red ribbon laced through a silver jump ring for ease of color change and removal for regular energy clearing. The package label provides easy step-by-step instructions for clearing the energy in your charm (recommended 4x per year).

Buy one for all your vehicles or give as gifts to your loved ones and relax knowing they are serene in traffic too!



Living HeartWise: Healing the Hearts and Lives of Baby Boomers and Their Babies

It would have been nice to have a class called "Emotions 101" at puberty. Odds are, however, that you only managed to learn about handling emotions by watching your family and friends or having your own heart aches and breaks. The events of your life have not all been under your control. The good news is that taking the path to Living HeartWise is 100% in your control. This book isn't about sit-ups or diets. It is about exercising your emotions to love and support YOU. Discover how the events, discoveries, and technological advances since the end of World War II have affected you. Then discover what you can do to help yourself recover from the universal wounds of abandonment, mistrust, and low self-esteem.

Learn to open up your heart and be there for yourself. Learn to forgive and set yourself free of trauma dramas. Enjoy unique guided meditations specifically designed to get your mind in gear as you take your first steps down the path to Living HeartWise. Whether you're in a relationship or on your own, you'll find individual and group exercises that provide hands-on practice using your emotions to help your heart heal. Take action steps forward every day, armed with affirmative mindsets and practicing till you master the art of listening to your heart.

As an added bonus, you'll get your very own Cafe Feel Good Menu of Delights from which to order every day. This book holds empowering belief blasters and life-changing information that will forever alter everything. Rediscover all the great reasons to love your self. Your mind, heart, and spirit will thank you for taking the path to Living HeartWise. So will your family and friends. PRICE: $25

Book: Living HeartWise

Schedule with me when you would like to pick up your order at my Tomorrow's Key studios: 1624 Bonnie Brae Street, No. 6 in Houston, Texas. Also available in Houston at Lucia's Garden, 2360 West Alabama or online at


If You're Thinking About A New Home,
DON'T MOVE Until You've Read This Book!

So you are looking for a new home. Consider for a moment how you would like your life to be in that home...

  • Would you like to have PLENTY OF MONEY and an abundance of JOY while you live there?
  • Would you like to learn a lot, GET FIT, maybe lose some weight?
  • Would you like to have great relationships with your FAMILY and FRIENDS?
  • Would you like to have a good, strong REPUTATION?
  • Would you like your ROMANCE to catch fire?
  • Would you like HAPPY CHILDREN or to start a NEW BUSINESS?
  • Would you like to have more or better CLIENTS AND VENDORS?
  • Would you like to have your CAREER path flow more easily - perhaps get a raise or promotion?
  • Would you like to be HAPPY, HEALTHY, SAFE AND COMFORTABLE?


Of course you would! Make sure you have all of these and more for yourself and your family. The Ten BEST Feng Shui Features to Look For in a Homewill guide you to select a home that will start your new life with all the best possible options. Available for Immediate Download.

Clear and concise, this book gets RIGHT TO THE POINT and lists The Ten BEST Feng Shui Features to Look For in a Homeif you want to have the LIFE of your dreams.

With diagrams and color photos of actual examples, I have made it as simple as possible for you to grasp what is most important: A home that supports you and your family with happiness, health, safety and comfort.

To accomplish selecting a home without the knowledge in this book, you can hire your own consultant, read and extrapolate information from the countless feng shui books, or you can just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Look at what you've already chosen. Does your environment support you as well as it could? Make a different choice this time - go for the balanced ENERGY!

I had so many friends and family members ask me about what they should look for to get a place with good feng shui, I knew you would need the same information. I wrote this book in plain words with straight-forward points that are easily understood. This is not the long explanation - it is short, sweet, and easy to understand. The next home or apartment you live in will become the stage for your future life. Choose the BEST for you with The Ten BEST Feng Shui Features to Look For in a Home!

This book is not available at bookstores or anywhere else. You won't even have to drive to the bookstore or wait for the delivery. You can own your copy RIGHT NOW for ONLY $19.95!!

Click Here to Download The Ten BEST Feng Shui Features to Look For in a Home



Schedule with me when you would like to pick up your order at my Tomorrow's Key studios: 1624 Bonnie Brae Street, No. 6 in Houston, Texas. Also available in Houston at Lucia's Garden, 2360 West Alabama or online at



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Weal Woman Moon Waters Magical Misting Potions

Many of you know that I have a vast collection of water which has been exposed to the light of the full moon and stars - sometimes with rain, and sometimes with lighting infused rain. I use these waters to create magical moon misting potions, called Weal Woman Moon Waters. (Trisha Tidbit: The word "weal" is the same root for well, as in well-being, whole, and wealth.) You can now purchase these misting potions, custom created to meet whatever you need, just when you need it:

  • Love and Romance
  • Success and Wealth
  • Career Opportunity
  • Easier Learning
  • Family Harmony
  • Fame Enhancement
  • Reputation Repair
  • Angelic Support
  • Creativity Sparks


Your personal situation can be eased with the the soothing scented moon waters! To order your magical misting potion, call me at 713-952-5429 so we can discuss what you need. If you have a copy of Feng Shui & Moon Magic, I refer you to the Table of Contents to select the energy you're looking for.

Whether you see what you need on this list here or not, I will create a mist to shower you with happiness. I will mix up your potion to infuse it with whichever ingredients support your need, be that a particular crystal, flower, herb, or spice. My best seller, Ash Moon Rain brings all the sweet and sexy animal attraction of Spring (and you know how it makes the birds and bees do their thing!). According to my clients, their results are phenomenal!

Price is $35 plus $5 shipping here in the U.S. If you're overseas, I'll find out what the postage will be. Buy 2 at once and save 20%! Call 713-952-5429 to discuss your custom order!

Weal Woman Moon Waters



"I can tell you for a FACT that this (Weal Woman Moon Waters), as well as her other waters of intention, are extremely powerful and effective. They ROCK. get them while she has them still available!" -- MaryAnn Selva


All Weal Woman Waters Magical Misting Potions are custom created specifically and exactly to meet your needs. Second orders will be made in different energetic circumstances, so if you feel you may need more than one, order them at the same time. Just as you can never step into the same river twice, I can never step into the same day's energy twice.

NOTE: When the Moon Waters are gone for any particular monthly energy configuration, I do have access to some back up waters, should they absolutely have to be duplicated from that particular lunation. Otherwise, we shall have to wait till the next repeating lunation.


SUBSCRIBE to the monthly and
FREE Tomorrow's KeyZine