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August 2018: Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo; Euterpe: Muse of Music and Pleasure; Feng Shui & Moon Magic Workshops RETURN in 2019; Take Back Your Power: Say No to Ticks and Energy Vampires; Sprites: Something New in the Skies?; Feng Shui Fun On The Run Blog; Spa Shui

July 2018: Hallelujah! Jupiter Goes Direct; Mercury Retrogrades into FIRE; You are Responsible for What You Think and Say; Lughnasadh (Lammas) Starts July 31st at Sundown; Feng Shui Fun On The Run Blog: Cruel Corner

June 2018: Neptune Retrograde; Mars Retrograde; Hawthorne Moon of Disenchantment Exorcises Energy Vampires; Feng Shui Fun On The Run Blog: Bedroom Dreams; Happiness vs. Joy

May 2018: May is Named for Maia of the Pleades; Walk Right Into Your Magical Mind Loops and LIVE Your Dreams; Lurking Cancer; Lose Lucky - Embrace Blessed; Energy Clearing for the Summer Solstice

April 2018: Things Are About to Get VERY Interesting - Bracing for Butting Heads; Personal Power Coaching; Earth Day - Remember How Hard We Worked to Start Ecology as a Thing?; Feng Shui Fun On The Run - Dragons & Angels; Feng Shui & Moon Magic - Ash & Willow Moons but no Alder; Feng Shui Workshops - On Demand

March 2018: Gaia is a Girl Again - Eostre - The Flower-Faced Goddess of Spring; Jupiter Retrogrades March 8th-May 13th; Fuzzy Bunnies; Ares Arises…; Sacred Geometry & Geomancy

February 2018: Love Begins Within - Be Kind to Yourself; Leo/Aquarius Polarity; February Prognostication; Spring Stirs…; Fine Art of Energy Clearing for the Spring Equinox

January 2018: Forget Resolutions! What are you Looking Forward to?; the Dollar Sign and the Stars; Year of the Golden Earth Dog; Phrygian Caps - Ever Notice that They're Everywhere?; The Breath; The Art of Living Your Life


December 2017: Sprinkle Youthful Joy; The Mysterious Christmas Star; Sagittarius Centaur Chiron; Battle of the Oak and Holly Kings; Your Power Pack

November 2017: Clarity and Focus; Scared of Scorpions?; Neptune Direct; My Newest Books; Thoughtfulness

October 2017: Stop Manifesting Your Worries; The Living Sun; Rising to the Challenge; Nature of the Soul; Thymus Thump

September 2017: Bringing Back Balance; Pluto Goe$ Direct; Problem Solving at a Higher Level; Mother Earth

August 2017: Invoking the Sanity Clause Amidst Chaos; Uranus Retrograde; August is GRATITUDE Month; All One

July 2017: Getting to Know the Male Nature Gods; Use the Full Solar Eclipse to RESET; The Art of Living Your Life; Herding Butterflies

June 2017: Understanding the Connection Between Birds and Angels; Preparing for the Full Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017; How Do Eclipses Affect Your Life?; Your Mind Palace

May 2017: Feng Shui Friendly Design Now ONLINE; Clarity for Confidence and Productivity; The Big Three and Their Big Sticks: Gods Gone Wild; The Age of Mind and the World War III Battleground

April 2017: Faith in Yourself, The Aries Festival of Spring; The Differences Between Mind, Awareness, and Consciousness

March 2017: Mastering the Mind; St. Patrick's Day; How to Know When You Should Call Me

February 2017: Stepping Through the Door to Your Dreams; Sexy Persephone & Hot Hades; Divination for the Other Half of the Year; The Truth Shall Make You Free

January 2017: Every Ending is a New Beginning; Animal Feng Shui; I am a Teacher of the Wisdom


December 2016: Elder Moon of Rebirth - Dancing with Janus; Mercury Retrogrades Again

November 2016: Reed Moon of Release; Intuition vs. Instinct; Neptune and You

October 2016: Ivy Moon of Resilience; Sweetest Chi; Empowering Your Children; Texas Votes

September 2016: Hazel Moon of Returning to Your Creative Source; The Magic Starts Here; Michaelmas & Angels Day

August 2016: Holly Moon - We Pass the High Point of the Year; The New Age is NOW; My Newest Publications; The Human Kingdom; Mercury Wobble Begins

July 2016: Oak Moon of Self-Confidence; Mental Magic; Water is Now Everywhere; The Animal Kingdom; Flag Symbolism

June 2016: Hawthorn Moon of Disenchantment; Birthday Candle Wishes; The Plant Kingdom; Athena vs. Ares Mental Strategy

May 2016: Willow Moon of Enchantment; In Between Places; How OM Works; The Mineral Kingdom; Storm Surges Deliver Fresh Energy

April 2016: Alder Moon of Personal Empowerment; Bad Bed Position; Retrograde Rumbles; Death in the House: What to Do; Ahhh-Sleep Technique!

March 2016: Ash Moon of Romance, Relationships & Getting Real: YIKES! Upcoming Eclipses; Every Environment Affects You; Red Hot Pokers

February 2016: Rowan Moon of Personal Power; Lunar New Year of the Fire Monkey; Washington: The Man Who Would Not Be King; Water Bearers are AIR

January 2016: Birch Moon of Inception; Deja Vu; Getting U-Stuck; Make Play a Priority


December 2015: Elder Moon of Completion; Winter Solstice; Healing the Mistakes of Atlantis; Mind Garbage; No Microwaves; Mercury Goes Wonky; Working with Familiars

November 2015: Reed Moon & Going Home; Thanksgiving Feng Shui; Grant a Wish Upon a Star!; Opening Locked Doors; Neptune Goes Direct

October 2015: Ivy Moon; Nature of the Soul; You Can See Farther Than You Think; Feng Shui for Halloween; What is Samhain About?

September 2015: Season of Self-Empowerment; Big News!; Fall or Autumn?; Paths Diverge - It's OK; Mercury Retrogrades Again

August 2015: Season of Wisdom; Magic of Meaning; Quiet Your Mind; Feng Shui Fun On The Run Supbscriptions

July 2015: Turning Point of the Year; Mudras; Advanced Feng Shui; 2016 Feng Shui & Moon Magic Calendar; Free Your Inner Child

June 2015: June is for Juno; 10 Feng Shui Tips for Renters; Summer Solstice Energy Clearing; Break in a New Tarot Deck; Oak Moon of Security

May 2015: Looking for Love; Surrounded by Symbolism; May Moons of Enchantment & Disenchantment;
Clearing Garage Sale Stuff

April 2015: Eclipses; The Thrill of the New; Creating Personal Empowerment: Sexy Beltane

March 2015: Lighten Up Your Life; Mythology of the 3 God-Kings; Happy Ostara

February 2015: Heartwarming Ways to Ease Stress; Casting Pearls before Swine

January 2015: Creativity is Required for Manifesting - When Was the Last Time You Got Creative?


December 2014: Here Comes the Sun - We Celebrate the Winter Solstice; the Days are Getting Longer Again

November 2014: Reed Moon: Time to Return to Your Roots

October 2014: What Will Your Life Be Like if You LIKE Your Life?

September 2014: To Change Yourself BE the New You Now

August 2014: If You Intend to Make More Money, You Must Deliver More Wisdom & Ability

July 2014: Follow Your Star - It IS Actually Calling You

June 2014: Mercury Retrograde Hacks - Making the Most of a Mischievous Mercury

May 2014: Tell a Better Story! - You Are Creating the Life You Live by the Words You Speak

April 2014: When You Have to Take a Tree Down - If a Tree is as Tall as You Ar,e Do a Thank You Ceremony First

March 2014: Celebrate the Sunshine! - 7 Ways You Benefit from More Sunlight

February 2014: Activate Your Dragon - Is Your Dragon Sleeping on the Job?

January 2014: Set the Stage for Your Success in 2014 - Yes, You DO Have to Stage It. Life Doesn't Do This For You.


December 2013: The Best Blessing: Your Spark of Awareness- Live the Magic of Christmas All Year Long

November 2013: Holiday Feng Shui Idea Cornucopia - Great Holiday Ideas are Elementary!

October 2013: What About Feng Shui & Spirits? - Celebrate the Life of Loved Ones but Don't Live with Dead Stuff

September 2013: Talk to Trisha Before You Build (or Move) - Find Deeper Meaning in Your Life with Feng Shui

August 2013: Fall Feng Shui

July 2013: Secret to Harnessing the Force of Fire - How to Mix Fire and Water WITHOUT an Explosion!

June 2013: Fire Up Your Fame & Future - Use the Summer Solstice to Promote Your Reputation & Pivot Your Career

May 2013: Spring Teaches You How to Grow - Manifesting your dreams is easier than you realized

April 2013: The Power of Speech - Perhaps You Underestimate Your Own Power

March 2013: Spring Equinox Checklist

February 2013: The Rowan Moon of Vision

January 2013: ClutterBusting - Uncover Invisible Clutter and Get Rid Of It!


December 2012: The World Will Continue & You Will Be Fine

November 2012: Holiday Feng Shui - Ten Tips for a Terrific Thanksgiving!

September/October 2012: What Do You Do for the Blue Moon?

August 2012: It's Back to School Season for Grown-Ups Too!

July 2012: Get Passionate & Juicy and Get What You Want!

June 2012: Poison Arrows: Deflect, Dull, or Disempower Them

May 2012: Feng Shui for Focusing on YOUR Best Interests

April 2012: Feng Shui for Romance

March 2012: Plant Dream Seeds Now to Harvest In Autumn

February 2012: Seven Sexy Feng ShWays to use to Enhance Your Most Important Relationships


While I wrote newsletters before February 2012, I did not include them here as I wanted this archive to be fairly fresh. A few older article and column archives are, however, included below.


Tomorrow's Key Articles Archive

These are articles I have written on feng shui, clutter, energy and quantum physics. To download a pdf file of any of these articles, simply click on the link. All of these articles are copyrighted. Please do not duplicate without written permission. All unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable law.


Taking Care of Business: Getting Down to Business
Taking Care of Business: Clutter Control
Taking Care of Business: Energy Entrance
Choosing a New House or Apartment
The Energy of Places: Can You Feel It Now?
Manifesting Your Intentions: Clutter Busting


These are recommended articles written by others. Some are about energy and environments and their effects on humans. Others are about how feng shui is advancing in home design.

Make Way for Feng Shui
Source: AIArchitecture

Merging Two Disciplines:
Architecture and Neuroscience
Source: Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture

Architecture with the Brain in Mind
John P. Eberhard and Brenda Patoine
Source: Cerebrum: The Dana Forum on Brain Science

From the article:
"For centuries, architects have recognized that the buildings in which we live, learn, work, and worship influence how we feel and act, setting the stage for quiet reflection, invigorating interaction, or inspiration. Recently, neuroscientists began to extend that intuitive understanding by showing how our brains are fine-tuned to our environment and how they respond and adapt to information—including awareness of our orientation in space—that reaches us through our senses."


Deborah Duncan / Great Day Houston VIDEO LINKS

April 2015 Show Video - Feng Shui for Career Growth and Personal Empowerment

February 2015 Show Video - Feng Shui for Romance


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Here is the Story of
How I Got Into Feng Shui




My husband served in VietNam and enjoyed teasing me about the Asian language - which he could actually speak. He called feng shui "wing wang" in a very playful manner. He really liked what I was doing with this philosophy and helped me create many wonderful energy areas in our home because of it.

If you are dealing with a man who wonders what in the world you are doing with Asian philosophy, assure him that he will like your space clean, in working order, and looking nice. Really. Everyone will.

No matter what you call it.

To read the whole story, click here.



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