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Advanced Feng Shui

Ready to take your feng shui skills to a much higher level?

Step into the complex energies of commercial feng shui, including door dynamics, the challenges of reception areas, selecting desk shapes, and harmonizing the energies of colors and lighting to promote prosperity. Use this at the residential level, but capitalize on it at the commercial level!

Explore the challenges and solutions for siting a business; step up to skyscraper feng shui; and use technology for satellite studies of celestial presence in land forms and human structures all over the world.

Walk through never before revealed information about building Water Dragons - the dangers and the details which will influence seven generations into the future! You will need a compass app on your smart phone or a real compass, whichever you prefer.

Join an intimate group of fellow professionals (maximum of 8 to ensure your best learning experience) for a weekend workshop here in the privacy of my Tomorrow's Key studio (1847 Cortlandt Street, Houston, TX). We will spend two days exploring environmental energy configurations, challenges and solutions for commercial level. While much of this information is easily transferred to residential situations, our focus will be on the formulas for business success.

If you're ready to shift up to provide services at the commercial level, join me to fly with the Dragon and ride the Tiger as we embrace the Pearl of Advanced Feng Shui Wisdom!

Saturday’s Agenda includes:

  • Initial Siting Considerations: Seeking the Immortal Pearl
  • Researching Site History: Historical and Intuitional
  • Virtual Site Visits: Satellite Studies of Celestial Animals in Landforms
  • Land Siting: Compensating for Edgy Energy
  • Site Shapes: Evaluating Spaces and Shapes for Structures
  • Sites Come In All Flavors: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
  • Trees: Dragon Delights & Dangers
  • Entrances: Confrontation Isn’t Delicious
  • Water Siting: Harnessing the Flow
  • Water Dragons: Manifesting Good Fortune or Ultimate Destruction for Seven Generations


Sunday’s Agenda includes:

  • Grouping Commercial Buildings: Putting It All Together
  • Building Shapes: Symmetry and Symbolism
  • Driveways and Doors: Driving in Business
  • Visible Energies: Choosing Light and Color Frequencies
  • Architectural Elements: Details for Business Interiors
  • Let’s Get Specific: Siting Computers, Cash Registers and Desks
  • Barrier Free Design: A Dozen Ways to Ease Transition
  • Sustainable Design: Promote Well-Being for People and the Planet
  • Commercial Evaluation: Virtual Exploration & Evaluation of the Feng Shui of the Texas State Capitol, St. Peters Square in the Vatican City, the Avebury henge (largest) in England, and your favorite destinations in other countries, as well as here in the Americas. We never have to leave the air conditioning!
  • Partner Analyses: Bring photos of your work environment, from the front door to the views all around your work station - even out of the windows. Bring floorplalns if you have them. You will work with a partner to analyse the Feng Shui of each other's work environments. Leave with an analysis and a list of recommendations from a fellow practitioner!


You may want to bring your laptop computer, iPad/tablet, or smartphone to access satellite imagery of sites around the world. I will have one laptop connected to a projector and one iPad for students to share as I teach you how to fly all over the world without ever leaving. If you want to try your own virtual flight, you’ll need something to fly, and you always learn better when you do it yourself.


Come in weekend wear. Be comfortable for this one. Bring your lunch each day. Full kitchen available but no microwave.

All materials are provided. I will be teaching using my projector, and there will be many different types of activities. You will receive Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Certification upon completion, and you will then be made a sitting member of the Houston Feng Shui Council.


Live at Out of the Blue, the new Tomorrow's Key location - 1847 Cortlandt Street, Houston TX 77006 or online from anywhere. Please allow time for the shipping of your materials and resource guide. You will need a cell phone with a compass app, the Go Sky Watch app, and standard school supplies such as scissors, ruler, pencil, etc.


This training will be presented Saturday and Sunday, March 2nd and 3rd, 2019.

Tuition and Payment Arrangements:

Full tuition, two days of training and all materials, including your incredibly rich resources for everything from facade selections to seven generations of prosperity - your Advanced Feng Shui Resource Guide: $997.

Special Tuition Rate for Tomorrow's Key Feng Shui Practitioners!

Tuition Options

If you've been wanting to take your feng shui knowledge to the next level, this training is filled with information you would have to study over 25 years to dig up on your own. I have done all the research and given you the gold nuggets - information you'll be using before lunch the first day of training!

For more information, call 713-952-5429 or email me at trishakeel@tomorrowskey.com


Opportunites to Learn & Grow | Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Training | Advanced Feng Shui Training | Feng Shui Workshops | Downloadable Feng Shui Training | Practical Magic Workshops | Fine Art of Energy Clearing Workshops |
The Art of Living Your Life | Tarot | The Nature of the Soul | AIA Continuing Ed | Sacred Geometry | Mysteries Revealed

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The Path to Mastery

A master in any profession is defined by their experience, their community service, and their teaching. In order to ensure that new students can follow a Path to Mastery, a path had to be created. Many contributed to the elements of this path. You are encouraged to tread it according to your own self-designed education. You know what you need to study in order to enhance your professional expertise, promote your business, and serve your community.

There are no deadlines or timelines on this Path. You will learn and grow at your own pace. No one will track your records but you. You are responsible for the entire process.

To achieve Mastery, you will be required to meet requirements for Continuing Education, Community Service, Teaching, Publishing, and Consulting. For specific instructions, click here to download this PDF: The Path to Mastery for Feng Shui Practitioners    and the Path to Mastery  spreadsheet or PDF to complete as your degree plan. 

For those who are highly experienced professionals, it is likely you are already at Mastery. To receive Certification of Mastery can simply complete the form and submit it and your $54 fee to your teacher to request Certification.      


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