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A Touch of Practical Magic Workshops

Add more harmony, safety, spirituality, security, prosperity, and romance to your life in 2014 with A Touch of Practical Magic Workshops. If you are ready to restore the mystic reverence to your home, join us for some simple workshops. With just a little time and imagination, your home can be a secure and magical environment that provides you refuge from the stormy world outside. When you are conscious and appreciative of your magical dwelling, you will enjoy a life filled with enchantment. Workshops are held the second Sunday of each month. Materials are provided. Mark your calendar to add a Touch of Practical Magic to your home and your life:

2014 Syllabus:

January 12: Time Magic
February 9:
Love Magic
March 9:
Garden Magic
April 13:
Kitchen Magic
May 11:
Animal Magic
June 8:
Water Magic
July 13:
Fire Magic
August 17:
Prosperity Magic (Date changed)
September 14:
Dream Magic
October 12:
Harmony Magic
November 9:
Cleaning Magic
December 14:
Threshold Magic

Tuition is only $20. Prepay for the next workshop by clicking below:


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Feng Shui Fun On The Run


Adventure 2014: Down to the Mississippi
River Delta to Visit Haunted Plantations
and Explore New Orleans

October 23-26 - Louisiana Ghost Tour!


Check out my videos on

Five Feng Shui Success Strategies
Feng Shui for Wealth
Feng Shui for Career
Feng Shui Moving Tips
Dragons & Tigers & Fears, Oh My!
and Many More!!


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North American Tour 2014-2015
Saturday, October 18th: Houston TX

Spend a day with Trisha in a town near you and
leave with a personalized plan for your feng shui!


Subscribe to a monthly program that brings
you live meetings with Q&A, exclusive training videos, and superb bonus materials which will open up the world of mystery and enrich your life forevermore!

As you begin to deepen the meanings of your days, the meaning of your days deepen.


If You are Ready to Change
Everything, Get Creative!

Nothing Will Ever Be the Same!
The journey begins November 4, 2014


Become the star you've always wanted to be. Enjoy the job of your dreams and grow to a
new level of professional achievement.


Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Training changes how you see everything and empowers you to change your life at home and your work!

Next Complete Class: November 10-14, 2014

Now providing on-going training dates to
meet your needs - weekends, weekdays,
or whenever you are available.
Five full days complete your training!


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Winter Solstice Energy Clearing Workshop
Saturday, December 20th

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Everybody wants a little Magic!


Your Environment Never Lies.

Ready for your life to change?

Walk with me as we set the stage for
your success…at Home and at Work.
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Mailbox Money

Recently, during a feng shui consultation and energy clearing focused to bring in greater financial flow, my clients received an unexpected check for $10,000!!

Now THAT is some serious shifting of energy. I'm so happy for them. They are happily considering that what they learned yesterday has changed everything *<SNAP!>* - just like that!

For more information on my feng shui services, please click here.

Enjoy The Front Door Difference

My sister recently decided to redo her front sidewalk, and asked for feng shui advice before she finalized her plans. While I liked all she was considering, from the curves to the color, I recommended adding width to the walkway, so that two people could comfortably come together to her door.

She called to let me know that since the project was completed she had been amazed with her results!

  • She got a brand new and very lucrative client
  • She was repaid a debt she had completely given up on ever getting
  • She had an article published about her two months ahead of schedule, just in time to promote her products for the holidays
  • And even more!

You too can enjoy immediate and dramatic results in your life with feng shui!


Schedule your own feng shui consultation today and let's set the stage for success in your life! Call 713-952-5429 today!

Just for My Clients!

With your consultation you get a printed and bound copy of my exclusive book, E3 Environmental Energy Empowerment: Setting the Stage for Your Success.

I took the cover photo at my younger sister's home. She added the jasmine to her bell chime fountain. Her husband handed me that glorious Patricia gardenia - my absolute favorite flower and my namesake, as well. You can almost smell them in this image!

This book is not for sale. It is part of the priceless value I deliver to my feng shui clients. You also receive:

  • Satellite image analysis of surrounding landforms
  • I Ching Divination for a deeper understanding of your current life situation
  • Audio CDs with recording of consultation
  • Feng Shui Enrichment 6-week Follow Up Program
  • Special rates for return visits

Schedule your consultation today. Call 713-952-5429!



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Look around yourself at the details of the stage that is your life. Do your surroundings serve you? Are you thriving?

Choose to create an environment that supports your goals and hosts your dreams. Then have a ball!

–Trisha Keel

It was so great to meet you - I had a blast. The day after fixing the money corner, my husband got another share option grant.

We were able to refinance our house at 1/2 our current mortgage rate and approval for our car port came through! 

- Liz B, Katy, TX